Musicbox on bananapi

Hello All,

I was wondering if it is possible to run musicbox in a stable way on a bananapi? Or in the near future maybe?

I don’t think that’s possible atm…

Would it be possible in the near future? Because I think it could be very interesting if you look at the specs of the banana pi...

I doubt it’s likely without help. The way things are setup now there is a lot of effort going into making sure things work well across the “plain” pis and adding more targets probably won’t help.

I’ve previously suggested as a good way of making more of the setup reproducible on any debian system, but again someone needs to do all that work and as far as I can tell Wouter already has his hands full maintaining what we have today (and I’m mostly busy with Mopdiy itself).

You other option is to rebuild something similar by redoing the parts of this image you care about. So installing mopidy + extensions, air play and whatever other tweaks you want to carry over.

Ok, thank you all for your replies. And don’t get me wrong, I love musicbox as it is already :-).