Musicbox.local not working

Using the manual I configured the WIfi network acces but I can olny acces the musicbox using its IP adress (which is diferent every time it boots up) musicbox.local doesnt work either on PC or phone it just says IP adress not found or NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

The documentation should hopefully explain that android phones do not support .local addresses and windows PCs may not either without extra software. I think iTunes is the recommendation but there are probably alternate ways to install mDNS support if you want to avoid Apple. Depending on how non-useless your home router is, you may just be able to use the normal hostname http://musicbox/.

More details are needed to help further, specially what software is your phone/pc running here.

I run 2 musicbox (loungebox & musicbox) and 3 mopidy setup’s and I can’t connect to any of them using the .local anymore.
This doesn’t only apply to the web ui, tried with both Chrome and IE, but also on Putty, VNC and WinSCP.
I can connect using the ip address to all of them, and once SSH’d into a Pi I can SSH into another pi using the .local address.
I can connect with .local using my Iphone browser.
As I can connect using .local I don’t think it’s a router problem, the only thing that has changed on the system was a big windows 10 update last week.
Currently running;
Windows 10
Version 1803
Installed 24/05/2018
OS build 17134.81

It’s not too much of an issue as I usually use the IP address, but when this topic was opened I checked mine to try and offer assistance and realised I had the same situation. Interested whether others are experiencing similar problems.

Windows sure sounds like the culprit there. I don’t use it so I really cannot help.

Can you not use http://musicbox/ on your Windows machine?

No, just tried it after reading your earlier post, just get the same, ‘Site can’t be reached, name not resolved’
Thanks for replying though, I might try and remove Itunes then reinstall it see if that resolves the issue. Will update with any changes.

Musicbox should properly register it’s hostname with the DNS server running on your home router and that should work. It does depend on your PC being configured to use that local DNS server (and not Google’s DNS directly, for example) and on your router being vaguely decent.

I removed Itunes, Bonjour and Bonjour print services, rebooted then installed Bonjour print services for Windows, rebooted.

I can now use the .local on all services again, Putty, Web UI, WinSCP and ping. Not sure where the problem was, but something in Bonjour & Windows seemed to go awry.

Haven’t reinstalled Itunes yet, will try that later and hopefully it won’t break anything.