Laptop connects, but phones can't? [Fixed it] [Scratch that still not working]

EDIT1: Apparently phones cant handle the musicbox.local thing and you have to use the ip. I did actually try that but for some reason it didnt work first… Now it does.

EDIT2: 2 days ago I installed musicbox and posted this thread. In the end it worked.
Yesterday it didnt work and I was trying everything I could think of to fix it, but I kept getting the message “wlan0: link is not ready”.
Today I just thought “what the hell” and tried another usb port for the wifi dongle. I got the message “link is ready” and not it seems to be working again.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

So I just installed musicbox on my Raspberry Pi 2 B…

Using a WIFI dongle, which seems to be working because the laptop is connecting to musicbox and everything seems to be working as it should.

But when I try to connect with my android phone i just get errors in the browser. I’ve tried both via ip and with musicbox.local.

I have no idea how to fix it because it makes no sense, why would my laptop be able to connect but phones not? They’re all on the same wifi.

I’m not sure what information you guys need for this…

Laptop is a macbook pro, using google chrome.

Phones using chrome.

Phone gets the error “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”. The adress is written correctly
Thanks for any answers.