MusicBox and pi DAC+


I have setup the Pi MusicBox with iqaudio’s pi DAC +. Everything works fine, and the sound is really top notch, in fact much better than my Onkyo TX-8050 (which is a network received itself).

I am facing three problems and if someone can help, will be grateful.All problems are related to the browser on my iPad when I connect to musicbox.local.

Problem 1 - Album art from FLAC files is not being read. No such problem in mp3.

Problem 2 - When I scroll the directory of my NAS and move from say :

File Browser -> Album -> Select Album -> Select Song , there is no problem. However, when I move back, the browser goes nicely till the Select Album, but if I click Back after that, it takes me back to the entire album list starting from A and not where I had left it. For example, if I was browsing through Thriller (by MJ) , it will take me back to an album starting with A and not Thriller.

Problem 3 - Sometimes, while browsing, the entire page freezes (I have about 4300 songs on a 4TB WD NAS). It remains in this state for a minute or so…and then normal operations start again.

Look forward to some help.

1: sounds like this might be gstreamer related - see Might work better in the latest versions of Mopidy and / or gstreamer. If images cannot be retrieved from file, the web client should fall back to finding suitable cover art on

2: this is a known issue - see

3: rendering that many songs in the browse list is not really a supported use case. The DOM manipulation has already been optimized as much as we can - see