Musicbox 0.5.0 download

Hi to al! I installed musicbox 0.5.2. beta and it says:" Warning! Found alsamixer configuration errors!" While scanning SAMBA NAS files it says: “Warning! Failed local: track”…this and that…and:" The stream is of a different type that handled by this element." If there is no solution, where could be found musicbox 0.5.0.? It was just OK!

Any link to 0.5.0? Please! Thnx!

Oh man!!Thnx!Thnx!Thnx!!Great!Thats it!Youre saviour!Thnx!!!..

How to find netmask and gateway for static ip adress?

The netmask and gateway depends on your network setup and cannot be calculated from the IP address alone.

That said, on private networks behind NAT the netmask most typically used is and the gateway is the same as the IP address with .1 as the last part. For example as the IP address and as the gateway.

Are you asking how to find the settings you need for your network setup or
are you asking where to enter the settings in musicbox (version 0.5.0,

Im connecting to pimusicbox via putty and mc command. Now looking for
etc/network/config folder to set static ip adress instructed in manual. So
thnx very much on quick reply! I will try to use sugested gateway and

To add to @jodal’s reply, the gateway is your home router. In Windows, if
you run ‘ipconfig’ at the command line it will be in the output somewhere.

Oh great! Thank you!