After static ip set unable to use webinterface

Newbie on the raspberry pi and also Linux block. A bit familiar with commandline stuff in dos time.

Changed from dhcp to static. I’m able to ping the box but when i’m using http://ipadres the box does not respond so i’m unable to select playlist or whatsoever
I used this for referrence but with subnetmask of and a different dns server.

Any help on this would be great!

How did you configure it? You can check out the end of the manual for configuration: It’s a bit dated but I think it should work. Do you use wired?

Sort of. I read at that they also entered network and broadcast adress which sound logically especially since the network is subnetted (that’s why mask is 128 instead of 0)
I use wired connection only.

In the interfaces i changed:

iface eth0 inet dhcp

iface eth0 inet static

Also had to change dns, so in resolv.conf


Now i’m able to ping the device but unable to access web interface.
Have to try putty but device is physically off the grid at the moment.


Problem was a combination of proxy and ie 11 intranet settings.
All works now.
Next step is to find out how to create playlists without spotify program

You can do it online at

Found it. Now figuring out how it works :slight_smile: