MPDroid search issues with Spotify account

Hi there,

when searching via MPDroid music via a Spotify account, I got no results. Think this
is a problem with MPDroid, When I’m searching via webinterface of Pimusic everything
is working fine.
Whats going wrong here?

What version of Mpdroid is this? Have you tried increasing the timeout or
making a more specific search I.e a particular song rather than an artist
name. Do you get any search results if you enable another source like

Its the actual Pimusic build.
Meanwhile the problem is solved. I disabled all other services (incl Radio stations) and voila, I get search results inside spotify.
So I’m nearly happy, nearly because of the spotify search has no autocomplete or error friendly option.

There is no way for auto complete to work over the mpd protocol. It’d have
to be within the MPDroid client and they would then have to talk to spotify
(or some other service) directly. I doubt they’d want to get into that.

have you tried to disable only a part of the backend engines? Maybe only one breaks MPDroid. It’s sad to remove these features.

Can we hack mopidy to just provide spotify when accessed using the mpd protocol giving the full oportunities to users accessing via the browser?

Would you mind to post your settings file you are actually using in Pimusic?

There is nothing wrong in theory with having any number of backends enabled for use with all frontends. It’s usually only an issue when badly behaved backends are involved. I think we want to concentrate on identifying and fixing these backends rather than impose any frontend limitations.

I activated spotify, soundcloud and TuneIn and search is still working with MPDroid. So it must be one of the other plugins that is broken.

I find it takes a long while to load results from youtube. Maybe MPDroid is hitting a timeout?

Under Linux, you can install a commandline tool mpc Music Player Command: Program for controlling Music Player Daemon (MPD).

I use it for testing, e.g.

mpc -h -v search filename 'Kings Singers Youtube Playlist'

With my three backends activated, I get the response in 0.288 seconds:

soundcloud:song/213 The Sultan - Absynthe (Original Mix) Only the Best Record international.85160701
soundcloud:song/Annee feat. Muphasah - Hot Rhythm (D.Markj amp Angel See Club Mix) gtgtgtOUT NOWltltlt.70622121

The youtube extension is indeed rather slow. Is the Mpdroid timeout
configurable, I can’t remember.