Problem using spotify


I have installed mopidy and mopidy-spotify on a Pi, I can play local music (I already had a mpd server set up), but how to play music from spotify ? I tried different mpd client (Ario, Cantata, GMPC) but I haven’t found where to search spotify music.

I havnt used gmpc in a while but doesn’t it have a pretty obvious search box? Are you saying you can’t find the search box or are you saying it doesn’t provide Spotify search results when you use it? If the latter, please take a look at Mopidy’s troubleshooting page in the documentation and provide the debug information.

Actually I don’t know : there is a search box and I don’t find anything but I don’t know if it’s the “good” search box or not, since I’ve never used spotify with mpd. What client could I use that you know well, where it would be obvious where to search ?

There’s only ever one search box. Take a look in the log files to see if there is an error message corresponding to when you do your search. I tend to use the webclients instead of mpd clients. They perform faster.

Make sure you have set up your Spotify client id and client secret properly.

ok so it didn’t manage to make it work with cantata or gmpc, but no problem using a web client so thank you ! now I still don’t have sound but I will probably open another topic :slight_smile: