Pi Musicbox Autoplay problems

I have Problems with Autoplay on Pi Musicbox:
I want to autoplay a Playlist I’ve created and sometimes it works but sometimes not!
The Log after the IP stuff:
Waiting for Mopidy to accept connections...
OK MPD 0.19.0
Mopidy startup complete, playing spotify:user:laurin-135:playlist:5UIUocffT8zO0FjZZQOhKj
error: directory or file not found

My Setup:
Raspberry Pi 3
Analog Speakers, charged with usb
Built-In Wifi

I know it’s not that hard to go to spotify and press play, but I want the convenience of it autoplaying

Could you try adding a sleep command to maybe give mopidy a chance to load the cached playlist data.

where do I need to add the sleep command?

Ahh, so what do you currently have for the autoplay setting? This may well explain the problem

It was on 60 Seconds waiting time and now I have it on 100 seconds and it works