MusicBox visible in WLan, but musicbox.local and IP-adress do not connect

Hello all,
I’ve set up my Raspi 3B+ with the latest MusicBox RC and provided my wlan settings, as well as my spotify credentials. When MusicBox boots up, it reboots once (after message “fsck died with exit status 3”), then loads. When done, I cannot log into it via Firefox, neither with Android or Mint, neither with musicbox, musicbox.local or IP adress despite MusicBox showing up in my network. In the messages above the musicbox login it says also that spotify is disabled, because the login is missing.
What do I do wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Does the IP address ping? Are you adding the port number (6680 by default) to the URL? e.g. MusicBox:6680

I don’t know if MusicBox has SSH enabled by default, but if it pings and there’s no web UI, you could take a terminal program, such as Putty on Windows, see if you can get into the machine with that and do a “sudo systemctl status mopidy” to see what’s up with Mopidy.

Thanks @KraigoMpls but that doesn’t apply to PiMusicbox.

Are you able to try with a different SD card? What IP address was Musicbox given?

Thanks for your answers. I am very sorry that I did not follow on your hints. Life got in the way, then I forgot, then there was the discussion summary, I was embarrassed, and so on. I had another try with raspbian and mopidy, and now in the holidays I try to revive my living room mopidy project. I do ran into another problem, which I mention in a fres post.