Mopidy mpd port conflict


I’m a little confused about the relationship between mopidy and mpd. It seems they both want port 6600, and if I try to start them both with that port, I get notices of a port conflict. So I run mopidy using port 6601 and mpd with
port 6600. But I see nothing in the documentation that addresses this, so I figure I’m not getting something.
The way it is now, if I run ncmpcpp, I get only mpd-served sources. If I run ncmpcpp -p 6601, I get those, as well as enabled sources such as Google Music and TuneIn.
Is this the way they should co-exist? Should I not run mpd? As I remember, mopidy did not like that.
What can you tell me?


Mopidy implements an mpd server and is designed as a replacement for mpd. Mopidy can be configured to serve local files just like mpd does, alongside online sources, so there is no need to also run mpd.