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Extension for mpd backends (mopidy-mpc?)

I like mpd. I like Mopidy. It would be really nice to use them together – Mopidy doesn’t support all of the media formats supported by mpd, and it would be a little bit unreasonable to expect it to.

Obviously I could just use the same client to connect to both, but I’m interested in having playlists that contain tracks from multiple sources. I don’t see any particular reason why it shouldn’t be feasible to build an mpd client extension for Mopidy. (After all, it already supports Beets, although it doesn’t use the mpd protocol to do so.)

It seems like a surprising thing to not already exist. Is there some particular issue that prevents this from being workable? Am I just missing an existing project/configuration in my search? If not, I think I may try my hand at implementing it myself.

Well it seems so, the Mopidy-MPD extension enables to connect any mpd client with mopidy !

That’s backwards from what I’m talking about – I want Mopidy to be a client for another mpd server.