Run mopidy on alternative port [Errno 98] 6600 already in use

Hi to you all, I’ve just discovered mopidy and I must try it out, it seems to be great.
I installed it on mi rpi model B (running latest raspian), but I’ve a problem on startup.

Infact, my 6600 port is already used from another mdp server which I use for internet radio.

sudo netstat -n -l -p | grep 6600
the output is
tcp        0      0*      LISTEN   2183/mpd        
tcp6       0      0 ::1:6600              :::*     LISTEN      2183/mpd  

So, I wonder if is there a way to configure modipy to run on a different port (which one) ?

Any help would be highly appreciated!

This and more is in the docs.

The port is up to you and dependent on what other services are you are
running. 6601 might be a good place to start.

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Thank u very much @kingosticks for your reply. I tried it out and now seems to work properly! I thought I could have 2 mpd servers running at the same time but that wasn’t true! thanks again:)

You can have two running at the same time, that’s no problem. You just need
to use a different port for each one.