Is there an option of streaming audio via bluetooth to mopidy

I’m running mopidy on a Raspberry Pi 3. Since It comes with bluetooth I was wondering if there is an option of streaming audio from another device to the mopidy running device, which is my RPI.

After a quick search I found Mopidy Bluetooth Manager which seems to only enable the use of bluetooth remote controls. Futhermore it does not seem to be actively developed anymore.

Are there maybe any other tools for Raspberry which provide this feature or is there any other possible solution of how to solve this?

If you want to stream audio to your raspberry pi, does it make sense to involve mopidy? I don’t understand where mopidy would come in.

okay… I see, this might be more a question for the official raspberry-pi forum.

Was just hoping there might be another backend extension which could take care of this. I’m still kinda new to mopidy and still overwhelmed by all its features. Thanks for your reply

Afraid not, it doesn’t really fit in. And Yeh, I think you’ll have more luck on their forum.

if you have root on your phone you can route your audio to a upnp server. In that case you can use Mopid+UpmpdCli (upnp server implementation) to play your audio from your phone to your rp.

Otherwise, you need to use bluez or similar bluetooth daemons. I use it here in fact I have multiple bluetooth adapters on my pc and each is connected to separate devices.

I am successfully streaming BT to an RPi2 b+, Be prepared for some experimentation.

Good luck, AJ

Hey thanks for your reply, sadly I cannot open your link! Could you double check and provide a correct one? Sounds promising :wink:

Yep, the link works differently on smartphones and computer web browsers. Using chrome on pc, then the link works as long as one is logged into Hifiberries support pages.

Anyway, check out bt-speaker github repo. I Managed to get it up and running in no time. Using RPi 2 b+ with Digitus dongle and Hifiberry DAC+. Observe that, for now, dtparam=audio=on in /boot/config.txt must be active in order to be able to connect over BT. This means that asound.conf must be adjusted accordingly (depends on the output from aplay -l).

Hope it helps,

Sorry for digging up an old thread but adding bluetooth support would make sense if you have a portable device. If your speaker is not connected to the internet or a phone’s hotspot, you can still play music via bluetooth. If you are at home and the pi can reach the wifi again, you can use the full set of features

If you want to stream audio from your Bluetooth device (e.g. your phone) to a Raspberry Pi you are better off doing so entirely outside of Mopidy using bluez-alsa or Pulseaudio. Somehow streaming the actual audio through Mopidy still doesn’t seem useful to me (and certainly not easy to accomplish either).

I can see how you might want to integrate playback control of that external Bluetooth audio stream into your client. You could design your client to let you seamlessly switch between various audio sources (e.g. between Mopidy and Bluetooth). That’s similar to what the PiMusicbox project aims to provide (but with Airplay rather than Bluetooth since PiMusicbox still doesn’t support Bluetooth), and that’s done outside of Mopidy.

I really like the idea.

In essence it would be cool if you could select bluetooth as a playback source. That would allow other devices to use the server as a speaker, while still being able to play and stream normally. When no bluetooth device is connected.

I also do not understand what the point would be in this… As pointed out already, Raspbian (on which you would have to run mopidy) already supports bluetooth audio streaming in itsefl. So what you would be the point in having it a second time in mopidy some how?