Moped for pimusicbox? - SOLVED

I tried to switch the webclient to Moped but:

  • my playlist is no more there
  • No local music can be found by browsing for Artist/Album etc…
  • settings is not working

in oher words, can’t be used.

I don’t really understand what you mean by some of this.

What playlist?

What settings?

musicbox’s Favorites

Musicbox’s settings. I am using Musicbox, trying to change the webclient.

I’m afraid Moped, along with all the other webclients, know nothing about PiMusicbox so they simply cannot provide the extra things.

Since this is now implemented as a regular m3u playlist, you will find the playlist in the list provided by Moped but it is called “[Radio Streams]”. You might have to scroll right down to the bottom to find it.

You should be able to returns to the settings page by visiting http://musicbox.local:6680/settings/

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