Module P80211 error on boot

I’ve loaded MusicBox v0.6 to my SD for my RPi 2 B. I started it up without a wifi adapter and got a fatal error about module p80211 not found. Of course, same with wifi adpter.

Anyone deal with this before?

I found this that might help? And also this (also on these forums).

It’s not a real error. It’s incorrectly generated by the scripts of one of
the wireless driver modules we install. Despite its claims, it shouldn’t
actually be fatal, just annoying. The module is removed is the next release.

Interesting. How can I fix this in the meantime?

apt-get remove --purge linux-wlan-ng

Sorry for my newbie-ness, but how can I get to the command line on the RPi if starting it hangs up on this error?

Oh no, my mistake, I didn’t see that this was actually preventing you from booting and it occurs even without a wifi adapter inserted.

If you are not using a wifi adapter, am I correct in saying that you have not entered anything in the wifi_network option in your settings.ini? If this is not set then musicbox shouldn’t be messing around with the network during boot.

Are you using any other USB peripherals?

Yup, no wifi adapter and completely fresh settings.ini file.

In terms of other USB peripherals, I have a keyboard attached, but the same thing happened without it.

Thanks for the help, by the way! First time playing with an RPi and it’s a ton of fun.