Large audio volume difference between sources


I am experiencing a great difference in audio volume when playing radio tracks or local mp3 songs. Each time I switch from a radio to a file I need to heavily adjust the volume.
Radios (tunein, dirble) play a lot higher than mp3/flac/ogg. For the latter I need to increase volume.

Isn’t there any way to normalize volume among different sources?

no one with a similar experience?

Sounds like you are talking about replaygain and if you search for that you’ll find Replay Gain in Mopidy which is the limit of my experience with it. I wish someone would try it and then we can update our docs, which currently state we don’t support it.

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Weird issue… Streaming mopidy to a bluetooth speaker I don’t have that large difference on volume and all sources are playing the same. The problem arise only when I play through audio jack.

No one has an idea on this strange behaviour?