Introducing my All-in-one Personal Audio Box

I’m glad to introduce you my new PAB (Personal Audio Box), an all-in-one device for all my audio/music needs.

Based on Mopidy and its plugins, I have added:

  • A CD reader
  • a full automatic cd-ripping installation (abcde + several accessories to download cover art);
  • a power-on / shutdown button for Rasperry
  • an implementation of transmission-daemon
  • a 128 GB SD->USB storage
  • an automatic sensing switch circuit, to switch output from TV to the PAB, or viceversa.
  • a Raspberry activity LED
  • external USB socket
  • a recycled Sony DVD reader case

I stil have an issue on audio volume differences between soruces (see my post here), but I must say I am quite happy of the result.

Just for sharing

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