Kodi as webclient UI

This is an awesome project :slight_smile:

I know that it’s possible to run MusicBox as an add-on for Kodi. My MusicBox is working flawlessly, but I don’t care much for the default webclient UI. Can I somehow replace it with Kodi (or something else)?

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Kodi is not a web UI. However it is totally possible to control mopidy from kodi. You will have to write the extension however for Kodi to achieve this (unless there is one I don’t know about). Yes other UI’s are available for mopidy.

There are a whole bunch of different web clients already installed. There’s an option to select between them in the websettings.

I am actually trying to put into the same image mopidy (as service) and kodi (as main) in a Raspbian, so I can have my speakers and TV with the same Pi.
I am still having some troubles with mopidy though.

It would be great also to control mopidy over Kodi.

This thread is for Pi Musicbox. Please post your specific issues in the main forum, thanks.

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it is possible to control mopidy with mpd plugin for kodi

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Yes, since Mopidy has an mpd frontend.