Using Mopidy in Moode


Moode ( is an an image for the raspberry pi to turn it into a streamer.
Moode is build around mpd.
We all know mopidy to be better than mpd in many aspects. :wink:
OTOH the PiMusicBox is no more.
So my idea is to make moode use mopidy.

Using mopidy as an mpd drop in replacement is not without issues.
It seems better to use the http interface of mopidy.
I came up with a wrapper html page that display mopidy clients in an iframe.

This sure looks clunky, as i am no designer.
Maybe think of the tabs as selector switches on a preamplifier…

While i am at it Logitech Media Server WebUI can also be integrated (squeezelite)

Let moode do the heavy lifting of integrating camilladsp

Supervisor runs mopidy and my little python script to controll amplifier and identify who is using the audio device.
Services can be restarted from the webinterface

Of course you can still rech the moode configuration.

This is by no means a finished concept.
what do you think?

I had loads of ideas for Pi Musicbox and pretty much none of them saw it past PoC stage. The number one reason for that was the insane amount of extra work and testing required to get things beyond the “it works for me” state. Everyone had different hardware and slightly different use-cases, it’s a huge amount of work integrating multiple things robustly. I found any area that I didn’t personally use myself got left behind very quickly, and that became more and more of the project. Until I was supporting something I wasn’t actually using, and then for me it was game over.

Part of me still thinks there is space for something like this or like Pi Musicbox but I’m so out of touch with what other integrated systems exist these days. I think something built around snapcast (or similar) could be very powerful but again, a huge amount of work for one person.

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Thank you for the reminder.
I am always suprised how many opensource projects rest on a single pair of shoulders.
This is why i tried to glue existing solutions together instead of designing everything from scratch.
At the moment, i am quite happy with the it works for me state.
I find with musicbox projects especially it attracts a lot of people who have never before done anything on the commandline or used linux at all. While this is absolutely fine and any step to enlarge the opensource userbase is to be applauded, it takes a lot to support such a project.
This is not recognised by many who want “this stuff to just work”.
So going forward i will focus on the aspects that are useful to me.
I leave this here as an idea that might inspire someone and invite any discussion on the implementation.
I am not intending to make “this stuff just work” on any platform and for any usecase.

Will look into snapcast now :wink:

Yes! Exactly this! It sounds you’re going into this with your eyes open and it looks good.

By the way, I think the tabbed interface looks good how you have it.