Bluetooth-Audio -> SnapCast

Hello Forum!
Mopidy runs with Snapcast for almost 2 years really great.
In addition to Internet radio, I have also connected YouTube Music and SoundCloud.
Through SnapCast I have also managed the connection of UPnP and AirPlay (although I have no Apple devices).
Now somehow the connection of Bluetooth is still missing.

Mopidy and SnapCast are running on a Raspberry Pi 4B, which has a Bluetooth chip.
I would like to use Bluetooth as an audio sink, but I can’t find any current instructions.
How to implement this in a relatively simple way, so that e.g. a smartphone can connect to it and then distribute music to all SnapCast clients?

Would it also be technically possible to use the Bluetooth adapter from, say, a Raspberry Pi Zero WH connected to an amplifier?
So something like this setup:
Bluetooth → RPi Zero WH → WiFi → SnapCast Server on Pi 4B → LAN/WiFi → SnapCast Clients

The instructions I found are either incomplete or used packages are no longer available. :frowning:

I certainly think it should be possible to run some kind of Bluetooth service on the Pi and connect the output to Snapserver. It looks like you’ve already realised that there’s not any need to involve Mopidy in that setup.

Here’s a link to previous discussion about the subject, with some suggestions.

That is correct.
Just thought that here maybe in the forum someone has already dealt with it and has a solution.

Of course, it would also be extremely cool if the Bluetooth connection could be set via Mopidy.
… With Mopidy accept the pairing or something … :slight_smile:

I realise this is an old thread but I’ve had great success with Cornrow (GitHub - mincequi/cornrow: Bluetooth Audio Daemon for Raspberry Pi) and there are instructions there on integration with Snapcast. You can then choose the source through Mopidy Iris and the Android Snapcast app - probably other means but these are the two I’ve used it with. It’s been rock solid for a long time now.

I did the same on OpenWrt:
Bluetooth → PulseAudio → Snapcast server → …

As of OpenWrt, I had to stick with Pulseaudio (with the -avahi variant), but you could use other alternatives e.g. PipeWire, Arkq/bluez-alsa).

Because the dongle is plugged into the Snapcast server I simply used the module-pipe-sink to pipe the audio to a /tmp/snapfifoa2dp file. :upside_down_face:

For “remote piping” from RPi Zero WH, you could use the tcp server or tcp client audio source.
There are examples for Mopidy for both.