Playing audio over Bluetooth Speaker

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to get this to work all weekend, with a lot of frustration, I still seem to be struggling.

So the setup - Raspberry Pi Zero W - with inbuilt wifi / bluetooth, running the latest Raspian (Stretch) OS.

I have successfully paired and connected to the bluetooth speaker, and setup the speaker in asound.conf with the following:

pcm.btspeaker {
type plug
slave.pcm {
    type bluealsa
    device "00:75:58:ED:53:D0"
    profile "a2dp"
hint {
    show on
    description "Bluetooth Speaker"


which means I can run : $ aplay -D btspeaker ./piano2.wav

Which plays successfully, but I cannot seem to get Mopidy to play any output to this speaker?

> [output]
> output = alsasink device=btspeaker

Our documentation suggests testing non-standard setups out with gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc ! audioresample ! autoaudiosink. Try swapping out audioaudiosink with what you want. You don’t mention how you are running Mopidy (as your user or as a service). If you are running it as a service the issue may be that the mopidy user doesn’t not have permission to use the Bluetooth device.

Hi Kingosticks,

I’m running Mopidy as a service. I will give the non-standard setups a try and see if I can figure anything out. Although I’m at a stage of giving up for now.

I have just done the same install and it worked OK.

I have an extra ctl section in asound.conf, not sure if that is relevant.

ctl.!default {
type bluealsa

I am running on a rpi3.
I found that I could not use the internal wifi & bt, not sure exactly what the issue is. I had to use a BT dongle