Airplay sound playback unstable


I’m in love with this piece of software! Despite the fact, that I have one problem: I have a Mac running osx 10.10 , and i can connect to the Musicbox and stream any sound to it. After ~1 Minute, the sound starts to drop and begin again, a bit as if a buffer is running out of data or something. After that, it can happen that sound playback stops completely, but it can as well happen that everything plays just fine for another 10 Minutes.
I’m using musicbox pi (i guess its 5.3, but I have no idea how to determine the exact version) on a raspi A+ and using the built-in audio jack. Streaming is via WIFI.
Any suggestion how to troubleshoot this unrelaible Airplay issue?


Just to get a bit of information, could you see what version of shairport is running and how it’s configured please? Type the command shairport-sync -V and note what the result is. Also ps aux | grep shai. Thanks.

You can also find what version of Musicbox you are running in /etc/issue. You could also try using a wired connection to rule out any issues with your wireless adapter.


thanks for your reply! the result is



root 2766 7.3 2.1 63952 5000 ? Sl 06:47 21:53
/usr/local/bin/shairport-sync -d -a MusicBox (MusicBox) -w -B /usr/bin/mpc

root 3777 1.0 0.4 2020 1172 pts/0 S+ 11:43 0:00 grep shai

does that help?

Thanks for that information. It means that it’s a recent stable version of shairport-sync and that it’s properly configured. Now, if you could find out where shairport-sync’s settings are specified – the -d -a MusicBox (MusicBox) -w -B /usr/bin/mpc stop stuff, and add -v (verbose logging) or even -vv (very verbose logging), then shairport-sync would log some information, which might give us an idea what’s happening, e.g. poor network connectivity or similar. Unfortunately, I haven’t installed Mopidy, I’m afraid, so I don’t know where the settings are stored or generated.

It’s in /etc/init.d/shairport-sync

I think a Pi Model A+ doesn’t include an Ethernet port.

A very good point. Apologies

is this something that only happens on airplay, but not on any other services. Because one thing is that you might be suffering from Wifi interference. You might live in an area where there are many networks and other radio devices nearby. This might not be a problem for other computers on your network, but the pi has a particularly poor signal to noise ratio in the usb antenna partly due to grounding being hard to achieve on a small devce like that. If you perform a iwconfig and if config what kind of results do you get?