Raspbery Pi Zero + Musicbox =?

I’m very curious about running PMB on the new RPi 0.

I’m sure it’ll be a while until I can get my hands on one (supplies going out of stock everywhere and so quickly) but if anyone manages to buy one and install PMB I’d love to hear how it performs on that tiny little thing.

I don’t know if you noticed this already, but Zero has no audio devices of its own, so in order to produce audio, you need to add a audio card some how.

And pHAT DAC (as suggested in another thread by @tot_rispekt) is now available. I’ve ordered one (along with a Scroll pHAT) and, assuming this weird looking USB OTG cable I’ve acquired works, I will have a play.

Nothing a USB adapter and a USB audio interface can’t fix :slight_smile:

OMG, I need that, too!

I had the wrong usb cable. It’s proving harder than it should be!

I ordered one of those Pi Zero kits that already comes with the right USB and Mini-HDMI adapters, since my plan was to install OSMC, anyway. But with a decent DAC that size, that opens New possibilities for truly “embedded” music players :wink:

I could’ve sworn I once found another similar DAC on the net somewhere but now I can no longer find it. However, if the pHAT DAC is availble, all the better (because it was cheaper than the other one that I am thinking of but can no longer locate).

So, I really want to hear - when some one gets it working - if it compares to other DAC’s (like Hifiberrry and IQaudio).

There was another one by that company that sells conductive ink for drawing
circuits. Sensehat or caphat or something.

Oh yeah. Well, I guess that the phat-DAC is the only sensible option. Well, maybe not, if you have an amplifier with HDMI inputs. I have no idea how good the audio over HDMI is? HDMI probably has to allow for 24 bit since I think DVD’s already used it?

How about this PlainDAC? https://polyvection.com/shop/plaindac/

I bought one for just €10 (+shipping) and connected it to my Pi model B+ GPIO pins with some jumper cables easily. The Zero also has these GPIO pins, right?