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Integrated Media player & amplifier


During lock-down in the UK, I finally could find time to take components from a concept of many years ago from shed and build the new, integrated media streamer and stereo power amplifier called Eumeles. It runs Mopidy, with an extension to control the VFD, and can be controlled from a mobile app or a web browser, e.g. MusicBox. More information on my Medium story, Eumeles-Integrated, or here:
integrated_front .

Many thanks to the Mopidy community for such a great software package; I have tried a few, but Mopidy is outstanding.

Kind regards,

Love the display and the wood. Great job!

Thanks, the reason I used wood instead of the intended aluminium is that I could manage to make the cut-out using a hand saw.

Hello, in the above project I use the Raspberry P4 GPIO to control the Hypex power supply and audio power amplifier state, such as standby, depending on player activity. The python extension is on for anybody interested. Perhaps it can be useful for others, too.
Cheers, peter.

I think either your link is wrong, or it’s a private repository.

Hello, sorry for that. It was indeed private for some reason, should be public now.
Cheers, peter.

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