Mopidy Audio over pirate-audio speaker issues

Hi guys very new to this I’ve managed to set up mopidy to connect to my spotify but cant get audio to route through my pirate-audio board connected over gpio. Audio works on this board with system audio such as the browser, but when running mopidy server it outputs to hdmi (even though hdmi isnt selected in the audio drop down menu).
Any help would be great

Did you notice the note at the bottom of the install instructions at ? It’s specifically necessary when you are using Raspbian desktop, which it sounds like you are

Thanks for the tip il try this

No joy unfortunately it was already a member of the video group

No, the second part. Use alsasink.

Hey kingosticks I changed that in the config already I’m starting to think maybe it’s some error in the configuration of my pirate-audio board . Going to try reinstalling the dependencies and such, it’s strange how it works on the system audio but not using mopidy . Thanks again for your advice

Hmm OK strange. Are you using their step-by-step instructions or running their install script? I’ve not tried either since they updated things to Mopidy 3 but I can’t think how the audio would be effected by those changes. But if the browser works as expected and you’ve done those steps maybe there is something new and I’ll try and test it myself tomorrow.

Note: you can also run the following command to easily test Mopidy audio.

gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc ! audioresample ! alsasink