Intermittent WUI connect failure

Ok, so I’ve installed and have been very happy with Music Box 0.6. The wifi connection was working great, I was playing songs from Spotify, Tunein, etc., as well as usb stick files. It would not however, load files from my NAS. Now web UI won’t load at all. This morning was changing the Settings trying to get visibility on the NAS and then randomly quit working.

I know the pi 2B is connected to the network and I can ssh into it. The web page musicbox.local won’t load. I’ve powered it down and up, tried a million times but it no longer comes up.

I’ve been down this road before since I got my Rpi a few weeks ago. I bought it just for this purpose, so I had researched Volumio, Rune Audio, and Music Box quite a bit. I mention this because I’ve had varying degrees of success with each. I started with Music Box and had the NAS problem so I tried one of the others. The point is, all of them eventually stopped working. How could this be?

Hi all. Funny story. As I was typing that big long post a few minutes ago. I kept trying to connect and as I finished the post, the damn WUI came up WITH my NAS files! Maybe it just took that long to scan all of them (there are thousands). What I said about things going bad over time is still true. Can your OS get corrupted somehow? Since I could ssh in, are there diagnostic logs or something that can be checked to see what’s going on? Thanks for any insight >:-)

You’ll find some logs in /var/log/. dmesg will probably hold some clues, if there is sdcard corruption then it should be logged in there.

Thank you sir! I very much appreciate the help