Rebooting, can't ssh login

Hi, I successfully installed Musicbox on a latest edition pi 2 (not 3). The network’s fine, also mounted an external disk for the music. I politely shutdown -h now the device. Next time it came up it lost the mount, but now I cannot ssh login any more. It is always denied.
Please help.

Have you tried removing the USB disk? Can you plug in a monitor and seeing where it’s going wrong during boot?

Thank you for the swift reply!
It looks like it’s authenticating / deauthenticating with wlan0.
I think it took time to ssh login because it takes time.
Currently it just takes forever.

Anyway it looses the disk each reboot.

Do you mean literally forever i.e. stuck in an infinite loop, or just a long time?

How did you mount the disk? What did you do to persist the mount across reboots?

I have not yet addressed this. It is always in try 1/3 of the authentication loops, looping over and over again.
If that ceases I’ll just execute a script that does the mount thing at startup. It does scan for music files but does not see the external HD.

OK, I re-burned the SD and it starts OK. I humbly recommend that the 1st time it is up one uses a screen to see that it comes up a bit more slowly as it does more than a few things.
Regarding the hard drive, I think I’ll add mount command to be executed automatically at startup.