Failed to add some URL(s) Iris

I seem to be the only person getting this? Can’t find it in Google?
Mopidy on Raspi Jessie Lite
Can log into spotify in MusicBox, Iris and Browse my albums, etc, Can’t play anything in any web extension. Above message is the only clue in Iris.
Access from Xubuntu and Samsung S4 mini.

I don’t use Iris so I’m going to concentrate on what I assume you mean is musicbox-webclient (not to confuse it with Pi Musicbox system image). Can you explain what you mean by “browse my albums” in the context of musicbox-webclient, what exactly are you doing?

Thanks for the quick reply.

I realised, overnight, the reason I can’t browse Spotify in musicbox-webclient is that I don’t have spotify configured in etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf (Iris Spotify configured through settings).

I am currently working on this.

To elaborate - I have tried many (6?) sd cards and two Rpis over the last few days.
Some installs mopidy and some Pi Musicbox system image. in either configuration I can browse my Spotify Artists, Albums and songs from my Premium account. I just can’t Play them.
Pi Musicbox goes as far as [loading 1234567890 Spotifyor similar and with just mopidy I can browse Spotify with Iris, see my collection but again can’t play

(Just added Spotify config to mopidy.conf. I still don’t see anything Spotify in musicbox-webclient)

To be clear. To play music from Spotify you must configure your username and password in the Spotify section of /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf, regardless of what client you using. Entering credentials into iris might allow access to some extra browsing features but to actually play anything you must configure mopidy properly through mopidy.conf. If you’ve got that right you’ll see a message in the logs reporting that you’ve logged in online successfully.

Hi . Yes Spotify configured in mopidy.Conf. Can thar I have connected to
Spotify. Can browse my own collection. Can se me connected to Spotify
in other Web extentions. Can’t play in any of them?

Many thanks. Sorted. Needed to apply a Device Password for
Mopidy-spotify. Loving it!

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