Install Pi Musicbox on Pi3


I’m new here so sorry for noob questions.

I want to install modipy on my Pi 3 with raspian following the instructions on the PiMusicBox.pdf but maybe I’m missing some step.

First when I launch “sudo apt-get install git coreutils e2fsprogs zerofree util-linux qemu-arm-static
” II receive an error about package emu-arm-static (impossible to find package).

I tried to continue the process but then I have another issue at this step:

“./src/ musicbox.img bigger” - fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

but git should be there because I installed it on the first step, right?

Thank you in advance!

Those instructions are specifically for developers wanting to build their own pimusicbox image from the source, which you don’t want to be doing.

You just need to download the latest image file and copy that to your sd card. Apologies if that’s not more obvious, those building instructions are new and maybe it’s unclear who they are aimed at.