Webradio on Pi Musicbox not working

Hej Folks,
I just managed to set up my pi with a Hifiberry DAC+. Everything’s fine so far -musix via NAS no problem, DLNA no problem.

But … webradio streams are not working. I can add them via WebUI, but when i click “Play” nothing happens. The UI indicates it is playing, though…

Any help appreciated =)


What version of pi musicbox are you using? And could you give an example of a stream that doesn’t work.

Hej kingosticks,
thanks for your reply.

I use the version 0.5 as given on the website. I also did a rpi-update. All webradio streams are not working - the predefined ones as well as newly added ones.

Problem solved. After hours of reserch I found some issues with my network :frowning:

Thanks for updating this. If it might be helpful to anyone else would you mind sharing what was the actual issue? Otherwise, enjoy!