How get log file on SD Card in Windows

Hi, I am going to come up with questions about a hifiberry_digi sound card, which gives no sound.

But I am new to the RPI system, and I made an image of the musicbox software on my windows computer. When I open the SD card in windows, I can access only the settings.ini file and another file. The whole linux file system is not accessible.

I read about the various log files, which have to be studied, and copied here for finding the errors I encounter.

My question is: how do I access the log files when the card is in Windows?

Windows doesn’t understand Linux filesystems so you have to copy the file from the running Pimusicbox system via some mechanism. I think the simplest thing for you to do is:

  • enable ssh access in pimusicbox websettings and save the changes (it will reboot)
  • install and use filezilla on your Windows PC to copy the file(s) from the Pi to your PC. There is some more info at on how to do this. Note that the username is root and the password is musicbox.

Alternatively you can install Putty on your Windows PC which I think provides some ssh based copying tools. But I don’t know exactly the steps for that.

Thanks, that did work, and I learned a bit more about ssh.

Maybe this info should be in the troubleshooting page, for less experienced windows users. I also noticed that the line-endings difference between Linux and Windows causes opening log files in Windows with Notepad without structure. Fortunately I have a programming IDE (Komodo) which shows the line endings, but other users could hit upon this. How solve that for them?

I think wordpad gets the line endings right. I don’t use Windows so I’m not sure.

Yes, Wordpad works! Thanks