Log file permission denied! Pi 3B+

Hi Folks. I am a Pi newbie but determined to get Musicbox to work.
Whilst having trouble trying to get my D-Link NAS recognised I was hoping the startup log file might give me some clues. I can log into Musicbox by SSH as described in the Troubleshooting guide but both log files return “permission denied”.

Any ideas?

Could you post the exact commands you are using?

I type one of these straight after the #, is this correct?

/var/log/musicbox_startup.log OR /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log

No. You need to tell it what you want to do with that file. In your case you want to display the contents of the file. You can use programs such as cat or more to do that. For example:

cat /var/log/musicbox_startup.log

cat will display the entire output of the file, it can be unhelpful if you have a very large file. more will display one screen worth at a time, you can press the space bar to show the next bit, type ‘?’ to show more commands and type ‘q’ to exit.

Ok I understand. I will do this next time. Thanks for the comprehensive answer.

Thanks to kingosticks I am now able to read the log file :grinning:

I am sure the error accessing my network drive is something simple too. See below shot of log. I can access in Windows as \MOVIES\Volume_2\PIMUSIC. Help!