Google Music not showing up in Musicbox UI


Hi All:

So I have been trying to use the Settings UI to enable Google Music without much success. It seemed fairly straight forward to turn it ‘on’, enter your username/password (and possibly Android ID), save the settings, and reboot.

When I do this, nowhere in the UI do I see Google Music - not on the main menu, streams, files, etc.

Is there something really dumb that I am missing here?



I too am having this exact issue.
The first time I fired up pimusicbox I had put in my google username and password (not app password), because I hadn’t read the instructions properly. And I think that’s the one time I did see google play appear in the interface, but it didn’t work. Now, since I’ve been trying with an app password, and with device ids (Android Device ID & Google Services Framework ID)… I get just nothing at all for google play in the interface.

Which is sad, as it’s the main thing I want to use this for!


Found the solution. Finally!

You need a valid device ID. I had downloaded a play store app called DeviceID and tried two device IDs as shown in that.

The problem is, that stupid, stupid app capitalises letters.

I gave myself ssh access to the pi, then looked in the mopity log (var/log/mopity/mopity.log) and it was saying my device id was invalid, and listed valid ones. Including the one I’d used, but with lower case letters.

Updated the device id with that. Rebooted the pi, and now I get google play music in the interface!

Happy days. Would be super handy if the interface could have a way of getting hold of those valid device ids somehow to make the process easier.