Did something break GMusic in the last couple weeks?

I’ve been using Pi Musicbox for about 3 months, currently on musicbox_v0.7.0RC6. I have a local collection on my NAS and a Google Music full access subscription. Both have been working fine since I got started. Sometime in the last couple weeks, without any sort of changes on my end, Google Music stopped working. Local files are still playing back fine. The mopidy log error is exactly the same as the one listed in in the last entry in this ticket https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy-gmusic/issues/175#issuecomment-347415044, but unfortunately that ticket is sitting open. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or has anyone experienced it in the past and figured out how to resolve it? Thanks!

The comments on a couple related tickets got me sorted out. Google has made changes so that you can no longer use a MAC address as your device ID, it needs to be an authorized Android (or iOS?) device ID. Plugging in one of my authorized Android device ID’s has me up and streaming again.

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