GMusic - deviceid not playing ball

Im having issues with the gmusic addon - i have it all configured, but i still get:

WARNING Please ensure your deviceid is set correctly.

And then it fails to play the song.

Relevant config from mopidyctl (I’m running it as a service):

enabled = true
username =
password = ********
bitrate = 320
deviceid = CORRECTID1234567
all_access = true
refresh_library = 1440
refresh_playlists = 60
radio_stations_in_browse = true
radio_stations_as_playlists = false
radio_stations_count =
radio_tracks_count = 25

It is a paid, all access account. It has worked before, and Google Music recognises my device as “Android” with the date of registration. Any ideas or tips? I am certain my device id is correct as well, i used an app from the play store to grab it. If i understand correctly, the one from my phone is the right one to use? I substituted my ID in the config incase it can be used for nefarious purposes.

Any help appreciated.