MP3 tags wrong in Mopidy

Hi. I’ve been playing with Mopidy for a bit, and spent a good while trying to sort my MP3 files’ tags using MusicBrainz. I’m using local-sqlite and local-images. Some of my tags are coming up wrong, or I’m getting duplicates. This is despite what MusicBrainz and other players/tag editors say.

For example, Lissie’s Back to Forever is showing up in the album list 4 times, once as “Back to Forever” and 3 times as “Back to Forever [Explicit]” - the latter each only have a single track. I’m seeing a similar issue with Genre’s, with some tracks showing up as a different Genre to what is shown in MusicBrainz, etc… I’ve got Mopidy showing both “Alt. Rock” and “Alternative Rock” genres, despite others showing everything as “Alt. Rock”.

Where is Mopidy picking this information up, and how can I fix it?


Also, sometimes multi-CD albums show up as one album, other times as 2 separate albums. I can’t see any difference in the metadata for these, either.


If your files contain proper musicbrainz_id tags, you should be fine for the most part. Otherwise, there are multiple known issues, especially with multi-disc albums:
You could check if local track URIs start with local:mbid: to verify the musicbrainz_id was used when scanning.

Regarding genres, these are passed to mopidy-local-sqlite as strings, so “Alt. Rock” and “Alternative Rock” are clearly different things.

I’d disabled use_album_mbid_uri, re-enabling that fixed the album grouping. Regarding the “Alt. Rock” vs “Alternative Rock” issue, the problem was actually that things were showing up as the wrong genre, but only in Mopidy. I removed all tags with one app, and re-added them with MusicBrainz. It actually took a couple of goes to remove all the tags for some files, it looks like they had multiple sets; I guess that’s where the issue was coming from. It all looks sorted now, anyway :slight_smile:


IIRC, ID3 (the tagging format used in MP3s) can use both a numeric “genre ID” (0…255) and/or a genre text field. Maybe some other clients make use of the numeric ID, while mopidy-local-sqlite makes use of the text representation.