Problems with SFTP/FTP and does the player have an autoplay feature?

Good morning everyone.

I’m really glad about the great job you have done and I encourage you to keep going!

I would like to know if there’s a way to “autoplay” the local media (all content stored in /music) on startup. If it’s possible to do it, could you give me some advices?

I also want to know which SFTP/FTP have you used to directly point and store file in the /music folder. I’ve tried installing many (ftpd, vsftpd…) but due to some kind of bad configuration they have never worked. :cry:

Could you, please, help me?

Thank you.

Hi there!

FTP problem finally solved.

I kindly ask you for your help concerning autoplay.


Don’t think pimusicbox has any settings for autoplay. And I know that mopidy doesn’t have any built in support for this. When it’s come up previously I’ve considered to be the “correct” solution for this, but the issue hasn’t been fixed yet.

So for the short term you could add a cron entry @reboot which tries auto playing using mpc to send commands. But would need to keep retrying until mopidy is ready, so not the most robust solution.

Ideal state would likely be fixing issue #310 and additionally having a play-at-startup setting which could be off, last-state or always-play.

MusicBox does do autoplay. It’s a bit hackish, but it works. You can put an url into the settings page. If you use something like local:track:MusicBox/Music%20File.mp3 it will probably play that file (should be on the SD Card) Or local:track:Network/yourdirectory/Music%20File.mp3 for a networked file, etc