Elevate process priority of mopidy?


today I noticed that while copying files to the Raspberry (model B - via wifi) the currently playing web radio station dropped out and mopidy could not play anything else as well.
Same situation occurred when another processor (and/or I/O) intensive operation was carried out afterwards.

What is your experience? Is this normal?
Would it be possible to elevate the process priority of mopidy slightly so that background operations don’t cause any interruptions?


It should already have an elevated priority through the nice mechanism.

My first assumption is that you’re asking just too much of the Pi, but it probably also depends on exactly what wifi stick you are using and the destination of the copies i.e. if they are going to a device hanging off the USB bus. Historically I’ve found that doing anything remotely taxing causes your other processes to grind to a halt. And that’s a £25 computer.

The wifi stick is one of those small ones like the EDIMAX EW-7811UN.
Copying went reasonably fast with a bit more than 3MB/s.
The other operation I carried out was creating playlists for all the folders during which ffprobe grabs the mp3 tags from each of the 600 files.
Both operations were only reading/writing from/to the SD card (sandisk ultra).

If you say that this is normal given the hardware then so it is. From my understanding at least the playlist creation process should not have interrupted playback as it should not have received so much CPU to mess with playback.

As far as disk I/O is concerned, shouldn’t at least the web radio stream survive these actions as it does probably does not use a lot of IO and CPU?

Thanks for sharing your experiences.