Playing youtube/twitch at same time Mopidy is playing


Whenever I play a song via Mopidy/ncmpcpp, playing a Youtube/Twitch video or stream is extremely slow. As soon as I pause the song and restart the video, it seems to be fine. I also don’t have this issue when using other music players (i.e. the official Spotify for Linux client).

Any ways to fix this? Or is this a limitation I have to accept? I like putting music on and leaving a Twitch stream on at the same time sometimes.

I’m using alsasink currently.


Slow in what way? Have you looked at the CPU usage? Does it depend on the quality of the youtube video? Is your video playback using hardware acceleration? Are you using pulseaudio?

Sorry, more “choppy” than slow. The video plays a few frames, pauses, then plays a few frames again, pauses again, etc. It’s basically unwatchable. The second I stop the mopidy service, the video plays fine.

I looked at CPU usage using top and it looks fine: Screenshot_2018-05-17_00-27-48

It seems to have nothing to do with quality, I reduced quality on Twitch and Youtube and it’s still just as choppy.

I’m using alsasink as the audio output right now, but I’ve tried with pulsesink and had the same problems as well.

It’s worth noting probably that if I start the video first, then start Mopidy AFTER and start playing a song, no audio is output from the song. It’s playing, but it’s essentially muted. Once I close the tab the video is playing in and restart the song, I get audio again.

I’m also using mopidy-spotify, if that helps at all. According to my system I have mopidy 2.1.0-2 installed.

In regards to pulse I can see from your top output you are using it. I’m not convinced that 78% cpu usage from Web content is fine, that must be software video deciding. But maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree.

Can you get a verbose mopidy log in the case where you start Spotify playback after you start the video.

So out of curiosity I updated my distro from Devuan ASCII (which is based on Debian Stretch, which is stable I believe) to Devuan Ceres (which is based on Debian Sid) and everything is working fine now. I’m guessing gstreamer or something was out of date? I’m not sure honestly, but now everything is working like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.