Mopidy / Mopidy-spotify not usable on Raspberry Zero W

I’m using mopidy (3.0.2) with spotify on a raspberry zero w and the sound stops often for a short period of time. Mopidy is using the CPU at 100% for short bursts. Every thime such a burst happens, the sound stops for a brief moment. I recorded a video here.
Is this some form of bug or is the raspberry zero w just underpowered for mopidy? The average CPU usage looks ok over time. Only the bursts interrupt the playback.

Running with a Zero is not as fast as I would like when browsing etc and it does consume a big chunk of the limited CPU during playback, but I do not have problems with the music stopping as you experience. Can you disable any extra Mopidy frontends/extensions and also other external services you have running so we can try and isolate the cause? Is this a phoniebox system or a Mopidy install on clean Raspbian? I have zero knowledge about what extra stuff phoniebox might have running in the background, periodically using the CPU.

Good point! I tested it now with a fresh Raspberry OS installation. I installed mopidy, mopidy-spotify, mopidy-mpd and mopidy-iris. It is working without issues.
What i recognized is, that the spikes are still there, but do not exceed 60% CPU usage so the sound is not interrupted. It seems like the base load of the phoniebox installation is too high for mopidy to run smoothly.
Should have tested this before opening a ticket :pensive: