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ANNOUNCEMENT: Yet another web client - Mopidy-Material-Webclient


A Mopidy web client with an Android Material design feel.

This is a stripped down and slightly tarted up web front end for my own personal use and a few people I make retro radios into streaming music players for.

  • Still very much an alpha build so all feedback appreciated
  • Requires Mopidy 1.0.0 as a minimum so be careful if you are using the stock Musicbox image!

Has some features I’m still working on

  • Playlists - you can save your currently playing queue as a playlist but you can’t edit it once you have
  • Updates - A simple web front end for updating Mopidy extensions, I’ve not been able to est it much but it does seem to work

You won’t see the wealth of settings that Mopidy Websettings gives you because this was created for people with pre-installed systems who won’t be making that level of change. Maybe I’ll add in some meta settings to say which settings are accessible in a later update!


Install by running::

pip install Mopidy-Material-Webclient


Before starting Mopidy, you must add configuration for
Mopidy-Material-Webclient to your Mopidy configuration file::

enabled = true
config_file = /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf

Project resources


  • Mopidy music server which this is only a web front end for

  • A lot of the original code from the Pi Musicbox for settings and the orginal SD image I worked from