Starred radio stations with all browser?

i installed mopidy on a raspberry pi and it runs. i have noe a question about radio. i open the website for mopidy and add a new radio station and starred it. this starred radio station i see only in that browser, where i have starred it. on no other browser.

what can i do, that all browser see this starred radio stations?

thanks for help.

There are many Web clients for Mopidy but Mopidy itself doesn't have this 'star' feature. So it must be unique to the particular client you are using and you'd be better directing your question to that project. Which Web client is it?

Oh. Sorry. I forgot that. It called “Moped”

I’ve never noticed that feature before. It uses the browser’s localstorage mechanism and so isn’t made available to other clients. I would suggest opening an issue at to see if he’s interested in improving the feature.

Open issue for this is at