Cyrillic/Russian symbols in filenames in smb folder

Hello there.

Using musicbox v0.7.0 RC4 on Raspberry Pi Model B+.
i used ‘Network Drive’ from settings to connect an SMB folder with some mp3 files. The files and folders have cyrillic (russian letters) names.
The names of the files\subfolders are not displayed correctly. It looks like lots of ??? instead of files when i’m using ‘browse’.
Is there a way to fix this w\o renaming the files\folders?


Hi, can you try editing /opt/musicbox/ near the part which does the mounting (line 217) and add iocharset=utf8 to the options so it looks something like this:

mount -t cifs -o sec=ntlm,ro,$SMB_CREDENTIALS,iocharset=utf8 "$INI__network__mount_address" /music/Network/