Network folders are showing up empty in MusicBox 0.5.1rc


I’m trying out MusicBox 0.5.1rc because it’s support for Raspberry B+ with HiFiBerry.

I noticed that when browsing networkfolders there are no tracks found.
When browsing the network using the console I see the music files.

Also when browsing Artists I don’t see all the tracks. In other upnp browsers the content does show.

Another thing I noticed with 0.5.1.rc is that under airplay on my iPhone I see MusicBox (MusicBox) and shairport-sync (MusicBox).
Is it supposed to show up twice?

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did you set it to index the files on startup?

2: that’s a bug indeed, the two airplay devices

Yes, i did set it to index at startup.

But the fact that network folders are empty has nothing to do with indexing…or does it?

Maybe same problem as Paul_Winstanley?

I have a similar problem since v0.5.1. If a subfolder or file in a structure includes signes like ä,ü,ß… the whole folder is empty.

Same problem with RC2.
I have no special characters like é in the file and folder names.
And still Browse Network: No tracks found…

In a testfolder, I also had to remove signs like ´ " and so on
If I only use latin letters from a to z, the content of the folder get visable, without any rescan.

Are you guys setting a suitable encoding in the mount command options field? I vaguely remember something similar being an issue previously.

To follow up, is the issue I was referring to and you can see the iocharset=utf8 option that was added there. Strangely that option (along with others) was removed in 0.5.1alpha. @woutervanwijk, was this intentional? Does it break something?

I see no iocharset=utf8 with the mount command.
In what file is the automount command for the network share?
But this is still a strange problem. I can’t figure out why some albums show up empty and others are not.
For instance, a song that don’t see in the webinterface is Dreadlock Holiday.mp3
It’s in the folder: \nas\music\10CC\Dreadlock Holiday. So i see the album but not the song.
The space is not the problem since I have more songs and folders that has a space and they do show up in the webclient.

As I said, the iocharset option was recently removed, so not, you don’t see it. If you look in the link I posted you can see the file that controls the mounting is /opt/musicbox/

Correct, the space is not an issue. Can you verify the permissions are all OK?

I put iocharset=utf8 in the shartup script. It now looks like this:
mount -t cifs -o sec=ntlm,ro,iocharset=utf8,user=$INI__network__mount_user,password=$INI__network__mount_password $INI__network__mount_address /music/Network/

But when I check with mount it shows:
//nas/music on /music/Network type cifs (ro,relatime,vers=1.0,sec=ntlm,cache=strict,username=root,uid=0,noforceuid,gid=0,noforcegid,addr=,unix,posixpaths,serverino,acl,rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576,actimeo=1)

No iocharset=utf8

I checked permissions and they look ok.
Also when I browse from the console I can see all songs. Including the ones I don’t see in the webclient.

OK, well unicode shares are not supported by some servers but that’s probably pretty unlikely for a modern NAS.

Can you check the file’s id2/3 tags are correct, or at least comparable to a file that does appear in the webclient?

I have a Synology DS211 with the latest software (5.1-5004 Update 2).

id2/3 tags look correct and the same as files that show in the webclient.

Isn’t it also strange that when I browse folders\Network that the Webclient doesn;t show any files?

I think the the mount options and NAS are not the problem. I am using solaris with a ZFS-CIFS share and at the terminal the mounted folders are presented correct.
If I create the folder /music/MusicBox/test/aaa on the sd-card, the folder aaa is visuable in the browser-view. If I add /music/MusicBox/test/ööö, the folder test is empy in the browser, if I delete ööö under /music/MusicBox/test, the folder aaa is presented again. I also have this problem just in the Browse-Folder-View, in Browse-Album-View special signs are no problem. I am only able to produce this problems with special signs.
@Jacco: if you are starting a manual scan with root@MusicBox:~# mopidy local scan, is it reporting any errors for Dreadlock Holiday.mp3?


in case you did not try it yet, the bug regarding the two airplay devices has been fixed in 0.51.


The problem with Unicode characters is probably due to MusicBox’s broken (IMHO) locale support.
Log into MusixBox and run locale; you might see that MusicBox per default uses the POSIX locale, which cannot handle non-ASCII characters in path names properly.

Try running

apt-get install locales

and then from


select en_US.UTF-8 as the system locale. Reboot and check if that fixes the problem.

Hi tkem,

Thanks for your response.
en_US.UTF-8 was already configured but I tried your fix anyway.
Unfortunately it wasn’t the solution.
It still don’t see all my songs.

@markus_gregory: I did a local scan and didn’t get any errors on the songs I don’t see.

Have also been having this issue, I thought maybe it was related to permissions. But apparently not. I have one folder appearing correctly, but a heated folder with about 20gigs of mp3s next to it, not appearing in network browse.

Strange. Yesterday, I downloaded MusicBox RC, wrote the image to a new SD card, logged in as root via SSH, and the locale was set to POSIX. Also, I couldn’t use raspi-config to change the default locale out of the box, due to missing locales package. locales -a showed only C and POSIX locales available, if I remember correctly…
Did you do a fresh install, or did you upgrade MusicBox from a previous version?