Getting current song from an icecast/shoutcast stream

Mopidy works much better than mplayer at playing shoutcast streams using python.

One important feature I’m missing though is getting the current song or now playing info so I can note track changes. I’m using mpc at the command line. My mopidy playlist has only shoutcast streams in it.

Is it possible to get a track change notification or current song from a stream?

There are some issues on that on github:

Thanks, I’ve researched them. I’m still uncertain what to do. I may have noticed a track change notification in the log. It’s possible that mpc is not returning it, to which I’ll try some of the other interfaces.

This kinda falls under which covers most of the audio cleanups planed for the next release. State is currently that we get the data you are looking for, but none of the parts of mopidy pass it on yet.

So missing pieces are taking the info from GStreamer and passing it to audio listeners, this should get the data to mopidy’s core, which then needs to do something sensible with it.