Supported codecs (file formats)


I want to create a simple backend which dynamically provides a playlist of all tracks stored on an USB stick when the stick is inserted.
Thus, I have to decide which files are audio files (e.g. *.mp3) and which not (e.g. *.odf). Is it possible to get a list of supported codecs within Mopidy? Or even better a list of all supported file extensions?

BTW: How should I behave if the stick is removed while playing music? Is the backend / PlaylistProvider somehow able to detect that the tracks currently played are from its playlist (which is not valid anymore)?


Mopidy basically just supports whatever GStreamer supports given the current plugins you have installed for it. So there isn’t really any set answer for this question.

Something like [(t.get_name(), t.get_extensions()) for t in gst.type_find_factory_get_list()] will give you the extensions and the MIME type that corresponds to it. get_caps() might also be of interest. Note that this will only tell you which formats GStreamer can identify, if it can decode it is a different question again.

You likely have to dig through old gstreamer 0.10.x docs for more info.