Music from CD (external hub)

Hello everybody,
is it possible to play music from an connected (USB) external CD/DVD-player. (In my case a Samsung Portable DVD Writer Model SE-208.)
Is there a plugin or another possibility to get it work?
It would be great if the files on cd were shown under the local folder at WebUI.

thanks for all help

No, there’s no support for playing CDs out of the box, and I’m not sure what would be needed to make it work. In the five years Mopidy has existed I think this is only the second time this has been requested, so it will probably not be implemented in the near future either.

Someone could make an extensions that handles cdda URIs like cdda://4 (would play track four). See for more info about the GStreamer support for playing CDs.

There was some fork for adding this support a number of years ago, but that was before our extension support had matured so it never went anywhere. Any one doing this today might also need to modify mopidy in such a way that extensions can configure what device the cdda plugin would use fwi.

I’d like to add my voice to the incredibly tiny crowd of people who would love to see this. I love my audio system, MusicBox to Mopidy to SnapCast (multiroom) to Pi clients with HiFiBerries. But if someone came over and wanted to play CD through the system (and therefore through the house, I’d have to sadly shake my head.

Thanks Adamcik for the reply. Despite the computer science degree and past life as a Windows C/C++ programmer, I am nowhere near ready to tackle this yet.


I may be ready to try to tackle this now. I bought a CD ROM drive and a USB hub to power it and I just now took the time to learn how play a track from it via mplayer. That may seem like a small step, but it’s a serious step forward. I will try to use gstreamer next. Just finding the mount point was a hassle, but now that I have that, onward and upward.

I’m not so much concerned that I’ll be able to hack something together to make it work - the infrastructure is fairly well documented - I’m more concerned that the code will look like some guy’s first Python project, which won’t be far at all from wrong.

Anyway, step 1) Get hardware - done! step 2) find mount point (/run/user/gvfs/cdda:host=sr0) - done! step 3) play with any audio streamer (mplayer) - done! step 4) play with gstreamer…


I’ve recalled that there is a mopidy-cd package:
I haven’t tried it so I cannot tell if it’s working.

latest updated in october 2016 (commit says Upgrade to gstreamer-1.0).
EDIT: My mistake, that was an issue filled asking precisely that, so maybe it only works on older versions of Mopidy and gstreamer-0.10

I’ve downloaded a bunch of the source code including MPD because it can play back a CD through GStreamer, so I can see how it interacts with it (C was my main programming language, so I should be OK). I’m planning on looking at this when I’m on vacation the week of September 4th.