Control without network


I don’t know if it is Pi Musicbox or Mopidy or Whatever related, but I was wondering if there is a way to control Musicbox without a Wifi (or cable) network. I would like to be able to control (play, stop, next, volume, etc…) the Musicbox directly, like a good old remote controller.
For example, I build a portable Musicbox and I am in the middle of nowhere with no wifi, I still would like to be able to control the box.

Hope it make sense !
Thanks a lot

(and sorry if the question has already been asked, but I didn’t find anything)
(and the forum is pretty cool, I mean: “good bye phpbb”)

You can configure your wifi adapter to create a hotspot to which you can connect to with your phone and control the system as usual.

If you dont want to use a phone you can hook up some other means of input (buttons, infrared, etc. ) to USB or GPIO but this is probably more complicated than the first method.

AAah, ok.
So I suppose I configure the wifi adapter like on any other system.
I’ll look in this.

Thank you

fvelcker did you come right with this? I have also been looking into it but having a hard time creating a wifi hotspot that the works with the Pi and MusicBox

Nope, not yet !
I am still waiting for components and I don’t even know when I will look at it.
But for sure if I find anything I’ll post all info here.

Depends largely on your wifi adapter.
For the popular Edimax Nano there are e.g. these instructions.
Others may work out of the box or not at all in hotspot mode.

The general approach should be the same, though. The problematic part is that hostapd does not support a lot of popular chipsets so that is a pain if you cannot get the binaries from somewhere.