Can I create adhoc network for use when not on wifi?

I havent built my MusicBox yet but I was hoping to be able to use it outside of the home when not on my wifi network, through my iphone’s hotspot, or something similar.

Is this possible? Or am I just describing a bluetooth stereo? Hope not, I’d love to build my own


Your phones wifi hot-spot appears as a regular wifi network which musicbox will happily connect to if you supply the ssid and password in settings.ini. But it only remembers one network at a time. Perhaps you could set your phone’s hot-spot ssid and password to be the same as your home network?

Good idea.
As long as it doesn’t then for some reason start using my phones 4g when I’m at home and suck my data dry!

That’s a good point. I’m not sure what it would do when it sees two identical networks. But you’d probably always have to turn off the hotspot when you were home anyway (as you have to do that for your phone to connect to your home network).